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[IP] RE: High BG and Complications

I, too, thought I felt better when I wasn't watching 
so closely.  HOWEVER, I can answer unequivocably that 
all the hard work, tears, and frustration over the 
seeming lack of being able to manage this thing has 
been worth it.  I just got the results of my latest 
lab work  a1c was 5.9 (up slightly, but I haven't had 
as many hypos in the last couple of months, and have 
actually had a run of highs because of a cortisone 
shot), but the best news was evidence of THE REVERSAL 

I've worked hard over the last two years, getting 
better control over my bgs, getting my a1c down to its 
current level, and faithfully taking my ACE inhibitor 
and angiotensin II blocker, and watching what I 
consume (both food and meds) to reduce the impact to 
my kidneys.  IT'S ALL BEEN WORTH IT. 

While I do believe that genetics plays a critical part 
in the rapidity with which we develop complications 
(and I think I've got pretty good ones), the effort 
that we put in to getting and maintaining good control 
plays a significant role as well.  JMHO.
Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/17/82
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