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Re: [IP] c-peptide

At 05:04 AM 8/20/2002, you wrote:
>Could someone please tell me what test this is?

C-peptide blood levels can indicate whether or not a person is producing 
insulin and roughly how much.

Insulin is initially synthesized in the form of proinsulin. In this form 
the alpha and beta chains of active insulin are linked by a third 
polypeptide chain called the connecting peptide, or c-peptide, for short. 
Because both insulin and c-peptide molecules are secreted, for every 
molecule of insulin in the blood, there is one of c-peptide. Therefore, 
levels of c-peptide in the blood can be measured and used as an indicator 
of insulin production in those cases where exogenous insulin (from 
injection) is present and mixed with endogenous insulin (that produced by 
the body) a situation that would make meaningless a measurement of insulin 
itself. The c-peptide test can also be used to help assess if high blood 
glucose is due to reduced insulin production or to reduced glucose intake 
by the cells.

There is little or no c-peptide in blood of type 1 diabetics, and c-peptide 
levels in type 2 diabetics can be reduced or normal. The concentrations of 
c-peptide in non-diabetics are on the order of 0.5-3.0 ng/ml.

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