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[IP] No Delivery Back Pressure Sensitivity

Hi All,

I volunteered --  probably months ago -- to find out what the back pressure 
limit was for the MiniMed 508 before it would trigger a NO DELIVERY alarm. 
In my opinion it was excessive.

Well, after much trying I've finally gotten someone to pin it down for me 
for the Paradigm (my current pump).  I don't know that it's the same as for 
the 508 but given my experience with both pumps, I think it's probably 
similar.  The Customer Support Rep I spoke with tonight told me that the 
Paradigm would trigger a NO DELIVERY alarm after back pressure for between 
1.5 and  5.0 units of undelivered insulin  had built up in the 
tubing.  Given the laws of physics, I would guess that the longer the 
tubing, the higher the amount of undelivered insulin necessary to trigger 
an alarm.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has similar stats for different 
pumps.  A more sensitive back-pressure detection system would be a big plus 
for me, and I might even choose a pump on that factor.

Thanks for any info you can provide,

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