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[IP] Re: Teens and diabetes

Hey many many thanks to the suggestions for our family and Kyle, :)
I tend to sway into the punishment because thats what seems to work, although 
I know it is wrong! (a bully I am not.)
I just don't want him on the football field if he can't manage his health, 
regardless of diabetes or not. I guess it's just the big number one 
thing..... be a good mom..... be supportive, love him, educate him, keep 
communication lines open, feed him, clothe him, wanna choke him, smile, hug 
him, etc. etc. and hopefully he will be okay. ( I left out a million and one 
things on that one!)
I will continue to blabber, research and educate ourselves, regardless of his 
liking it or not, LOL I just wont nag or shove it down his throat. (dammit)
Hopes, smiles and cussing keeps me going...:)
Re: anti-depressants...I will wait on that one....to many people taking them, 
if it was that easy, heck the whole world should take them and we can be one 
big happy , doped up family.:)
Please don't take offense to that comment, just my humor.
I am glad that many have had good experiences with them, my husband takes 
them and we actually like him now.:)
I prefer therapy first, don't like taking unneccesary medication without 
needing it.
And boy could I use so Valium about now,( my warped humor again.)
I have been in the medical field for a few years and am currently working on 
my R.N. and come from a family of manics..or is it maniacs? So I am a little 
familar with anti-depressants. My grandmother always said...."it's the people 
with a little bit of knowledge that are the most dangerous"
Thank you all again...and best wishes to every1, :)
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