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RE: [IP] RE: High BG and Complications

I sometimes feel I was way more healthy when I wasn't so obsessive about the

LOL...now you sound like my hubby.  He is always telling me I was better off
when I was on MDI...and I keep telling him that's because I wasn't so aware
of where my numbers were since I never tested this often and I also wasn't
as aware of how different foods affected my b.g. either....

Yes, life on the pump is harder because we are more aware but in the long
run, once we get our numbers to where we would like them to be (and I'm not
saying they will be perfect), I believe we will all be better off...

Don't get down on yourself...no one is perfect and this disease holds lots
of mysteries as to why we go high/low..too many things to try to figure it
out all the time.

Good luck.
Kathy B.
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