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RE: [IP] Medicare Strikes Again

First of all, it was up to your doctor to tell you what the requirements
were for medicare to approve your pump and the pump rep as well.

How did you ever get the pump approved to start off with if you didn't
produce the "magic number" that medicare wants from us diabetics in order to
get approved?

I know I had to take the C-Peptide test 3x's until i came up with a number
that was satisfactory for me.

I also know that the blood results went back to my endo and cde and they in
turn called me and told me the # wasn't good enough and that I had to retake
the test.

As for fighting medicare, good luck.  Unfortunately, they only go by
c-peptide test results on not even a physician's letter, copies of your
insulin requirements/health, etc. will do like with other insurance

I would suggest that you contact the people who originally approved your
pump and ask why you weren't informed about this two years ago and work from

Good luck and don't go off the pump because of this.  I don't know which
pump you are using but if you call the company and explain your situation,
they will help out with your financial situation until you can get it

Kathy B.
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