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[IP] Remember

I have enjoyed the postings about the things we did in the "old days."  On
this day, August 16, my 60th birthday, I trust that you will allow this old
geezer the opportunity to add my two cents.  I was dxed in 1960, about two
months after graduating from high school.  The one thing that I really enjoyed
was soda, or as we called it in western West Virginia, "pop."  I knew that it
would be hard to live without pop.  A few months later, Diet Rite cola showed
up on store shelves, and I was truly blessed.  I know that other IP members
have related stories about other brands, but we had trouble with the supply
wagons getting through the mountains in the eastern part of the state to
re-supply us.   The sweetner that was prevalent in use at that time was
Sucaryl, which came in a triangular shaped bottle with a white cap that had a
bent tip at the top to allow you to shake out drops for dispensing.  Of
course, since it had cyclamates, it was banned by the feds.  Too many mice
died with cancer after being injected with more of a concentration than anyone
would have used anyway.I was taking a speech class in college and had to give
a demonstration speech.  I chose to bring a beaker and glass syringe, needle
and show what I did to prepare my injection.
I used one those one cup coil heaters to boil the water for sterilization.
After the speech, I removed the poster that was blocking the beaker from view,
assembled the unit, and proceeded to give myself an injection in the upper
arm.  For some unknown reason, the needle bent, but enough had penetrated the
skin to complete the injection.  Two female students in the front row turned
white, then kind of green.  I was afraid that we were going to lode them.
After class, the instructor said that she gave me an "A" for the speech, but
not to ever do it again.  She did not walk very steady going out of the
classroom either.  I did the injection everyday, using Lente insulin, and
never gave it a thought that some people were squeamish about shots.
Thanks for letting me reminisce on my birthday.
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