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[IP] Re: Highs in hot weather

>I wish I knew if it was the HEAT that makes BG's go UP ! We went on 
>vacation and did alot of walking out in the heat and mine were really up ! 
>It took me the entire next day to get them back under control. Anyone know 
>why heat makes them go up, or is it because not enough drinking of water? 
>Thank! Happy Pumping
>Gina dx1983, pumping June 2002

Mine also go up in the heat.   I always figured it was because of the added 
stress for my body trying to keep cool.  And I'm also very uncomfortable in 
extreme humid heat.  My bgs tend to run lower in the wintertime when it's 
colder, which I figure is because I use up more glucose trying to keep 
warm.   YMMV.

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