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[IP] teens and depression

Becky -

Your post, "Subject: Re: [IP]  feeling sorry for one's
self-- teens with diabetes" could have been written by
me. Melanie, please take the information about not
making your son's D a moral judgment to heart - had I
not been punished for bad blood sugars, or had I been
able to express my feelings about this rotten disease
openly, I think I would have gotten control of things
a lot earlier. (Better to gain control at 26 rather
than never, I guess... but what I wouldn't do to have
the years between 7 and 25 back!) 

Even now that I'm a grown-up of 31, it's still hard to
deal with - thankfully, I feel more control over the
situation now that I have my pump, and with multiple
tests each day. However, the only way I got to this
point was for me to find someone to support me -
without guilt! - and to learn more about D. Once I had
more information (even though some of it is scary), I
felt like I had some control over things. Not that I
don't want to crawl into bed and bury my head under
the covers some days :) (sometimes I do!), but the
best thing for me has been finding someone to talk
with who won't think I'm bad for being angry, or
wanting to eat a candy bar sometimes, or any other
normal behavior...

Good luck!


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