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Re: [IP] high bg's and complications

It is awfully nice to hear this, Jenn and Sharon.  Thanks for sharing!  Of 
course I really am doing all I can to get good numbers, but it doesn't 
always work and then there's the years that I was just not able to deal...  
I find your stories more comforting than what I usually comfort myself with, 
which is, "well, for all I know, I'll get hit by a bus!"  Like I said 
before, I'd rather have it be about genetics, or something that I have no 
control over, than about what I did or didn't do.  And your stories are 
pretty strong support for the genetic theory.


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>Subject: Re: [IP] high bg's and complications
>Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 16:15:10 EDT
>In a message dated 8/19/02 3:54:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
> > I don't know about anybody else, but I'm gonna go with the "bad genes"
> > theory on this one.  Granted, I don't have the best genetic background,
> > but....  I've had D for just about 25 years now, never had an A1C under 
> > (since pumping, asn't been under 15), average bg according to my meter 
> > usually in the high 200's and into the 300's.  Now, most people would
> > assume
> > that I have every complication going, but I don't.
> >
> > If you go by me, there is no correlation between bg and complication.
> >
> > Weird Jenn
> >
>I didn't want to say it out loud (or type it) but it's the same way for me.
>Though I have had some OK A1Cs, I never have been able to achieve really 
>control.  I've also had 3 healthy babies worrying myself half to death each
>time that something was going to be wrong with them.  Sometimes I feel 
>because I DON'T have complications.  Well not that I don't have any, but 
>others who have much better control DO have them.  Dang.....I never should
>have said that......I'll probably start falling apart tomorrow.
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