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Re: [IP] closed loop system!

At 02:26 AM 8/19/02, you wrote:
>My understanding is that it Would be more "accurate".  You would have no 
>loss or delays of absorption.  It would be assimilated by the liver almost 
>instantly. That,
>combined with ~Reliable~ monitoring (I think I would want fail-safe double 
>or triple sensors) could provide real time control.  No more 
>rollercoaster, no rebounds.  Disetronic
>has done their Diaport for several years.  That still has the problems of 
>infections, but it may offer some the control that they need in their 
>rollercoaster lives even with a
>pump.  No problems of bent cannulas, nicked veins and bleeders, no 
>hypotrophy or atrophy, no pooling, no rapid dumping of stored 
>insulin.  Just the increased risks of a
>deadly serious infection.
>I'll stick with SubQ for now.    :>)

I think that until they solve the problem of a more reliable delivery 
system, they will not have success with a closed-loop system.  There are 
still too many variables with the current SubQ delivery that we're using 
now.  Interesting thing, about a year ago I saw an Orthopedic doctor for my 
frozen shoulder (my other frozen shoulder since they've both been that way 
one time or another) and we were talking about a teenage family member of 
his who was Type 1.  Seems her family was having a hard time getting her to 
"knuckle under" and do what she was supposed to do to take care of her 
diabetes.  I mentioned the pump and said that it was much easier (although 
not less work) to have a relatively "normal" life.  He said that her doctor 
had said she should wait to get on a pump until they had the closed-loop 
pump out later that year.  That's as bad as the cure in 5 years!

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