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[IP] Prof. Vincent L & Bubbles in Tubing etc.

Don't know what happened but I lost tons of my e mails that were hanging in
my inbox waiting to be read...so this is for Prof. Vincent L. and any others
who want to hear about this.

Prof. Vincent had replied to me regarding my post on air bubbles and we came
to a conclusion that the bubbles would appear AFTER my set/site was changed
and the reason being that the inside air temps were around 76 degrees and
the outside temps around 90-95 degrees.

His suggestion was to first lubricate the reservoir and then to draw air for
as many units as you wanted to fill it with and then shoot all that air into
the insulin vial.  Then to get the main air bubbles out and get back to
level of units of insulin needed.

Next step was to replace the cap on the needle and to sit it outside on the
square part of the reservoir for at least one half hour to acclimate the
insulin to the outside temps, thereby letting the air bubbles form (you know
the complexities of stuff changing from solids/liquids into gases)  I'm not
a scientist......

Then take the reservoir back inside and tap at it and let all the bubbles
that formed rise to the top and shoot them out.  When all bubbles were
clear, then you could hook the reservoir to the tubing.

Well, guess what?  It's now going on day 3 and I HAVE NO AIR BUBBLES!!!!

So thank you Prof. Vincent and if anyone here has been helped by this,
yippee to you as well :) :) :)

Kathy B.
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