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RE: [IP] % of getting diabetes if father has Type 1

At 06:38 PM 8/13/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>Wait a minute!!!  Are you saying that, if I have a child, he or she will be
>no more likely than anyone else to have type I?  Do you know if he or she
>will be more likely than others to have some sort of autoimmune disease?

I have seen statistics in various places. There have been studies on people 
with close relatives with Type 1.

I have found these numbers in a couple of places, most recently at 

Risk for developing Type 1 Diabetes

General Population      0.4%
Mother Type 1           2%
Father Type 1           6%
Sibling Type 1          6%
Fraternal Twin          11%
Identical Twin          50%

What we know, at this point, is that Type 1 appears to be caused by an 
auto-immune response. This means that to develop the disease, you have to 
have the genetic ability (i.e. pre-disposition) to produce the antibodies 
that destroy the islet cells. The antibodies in question are associated 
with Mumps, Rubella, and, notably, the Coxsackie B virus. These viruses 
have similar protein signatures to the islet cells, causing the antibodies 
to respond to the islet cells in the same manner as to the viruses they 
fight. So, in addition to the genetic predisposition, you have to be 
exposed to the appropriate viruses to develop the antibodies. This is why 
identical twins don't necessarily both develop the disease.


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