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Re: [IP] depressed

At 02:26 AM 8/19/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Sam...Volunteer....THANK YOU!!!!!  I was about to write the same thing.  Take
>it private guys if you can't agree!!  We don't all want to hear it!!!

Then delete the damn message.  That is what the delete button is for to 
delete people's email you don't want to read.  Sort of like hanging up on 
someone you don't want to talk too!  I personally ENJOY the hell out of 
reading Sara's post.  For she has taught me a lot over the years and is now 
what I consider a very good friend and I love her tons.  For her honesty 
for her intelligence and her knowledge.  Shit she probably saved my life 
over the last 10 months and doesn't even know it.  When I first got on this 
list Sara had just had some major surgery.  Well her post from back then 
stuck in my head and TRUST me they sure helped me to stand up for myself in 
the Burn Unit which I really believe would have killed me if it hadn't been 
for my smarts.  But that's a whole other topic and I really don't feel like 
sharing it with you!

Plus, Sylvia and you can't take this personally but you are one of those 
email addresses that I normally just delete for I do not benefit from what 
you write.  Not that this is good or bad we are both just in different places.

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