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[IP] preventable NO

marion writes:
>I don't think that is a true statement "every time a blood sugar goes 
> over what eve that magic number is, some damage is done."  If you 
> can support that statement, please let me know some references.

feel free to track them down for me.  I was, AS USUAL, over simplifying 
things for the masses.  have you not seen that commercial where they flash 
the number "140" on the screen "warning" diabetics that that is the "danger" 
number...think i have seen it some magazines as well.  it just makes me 
laugh, such a "generalization" but really that is about as much as the Masses 
 can absorb.....I am not so stupid as to worry about my current high bg 
having a disastrous affect on me when I am 82 as much as I am its affect on 
me in the morning

>With some pretty advanced technology, researchers are now 
> able to study the "kinetics of glycoslation" and they can actually 
> ess of "glucose" sticking to hemoglobin.  It does not happen so 
> quickly and it can be reversed.

Gosh, I wonder why they haven't marketed this technology and saved a bunch of 
people the pain of vitrectomies, kidney dialysis and other things caused by 
sticky proteins which are a result of high blood sugar over time PLUS genetics
.  A high blood sugar and a low blood sugar do not balance each other out, by 
the way.  Wayne, please explain how that works for me (you can be my source 
material since I am much too lazy to go look stuff up at 115am)

Sounds like life could be pretty good in a lab...too bad I am not a white 
rat....or even a brown one, but I really think the white ones get better 
treatment...those liitle pink eyes must elicit some kind of affection....

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