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[IP] Re: feeling sorry for one's self...

Hey all.... still kinda of just a lurker, but had to respond to this...
My son is IDDM, Dx'd 9-2000. He is currently 15 yrs old and still feels very 
sorry for himself, (maybe it's because he is 15..LOL)
He hates having diabetes and doesn't like to monitor his BG's like he should. 
He takes BG's about once or twice daily unless I get wind of it, then he goes 
back to at least 3. He doesn't really grasp the fact that he needs to 
test..at the least 4 to 5 times daily....much less eat less......(he eats 
alot! 6'3" 225, football player.)
Plus he lies, and can make up numbers faster than I can say them.....
I actually took him to our HMO approved psychiatry department and he was seen 
by a nurse practictioner who wanted to put him on anti-depressants. ALthough, 
I am not against anti-depressants, I wasn't convinced that someone who talked 
to him for 15 minutes could make that decision. (BTW< what happens when he 
doesn't take them?) We do go to family counseling on a regular basis, but 
they don't quite get the diabetes issues involved. Especially a teenage 
diabetic, UGH!
So, my blabbering aside...in short, what kind of advice do ya have for an 
overprotective, constant blabbering mother who wants to try and make his life 
a little more uncomplicated?
( I really am not overprotective, but DO blabber!)
Melanie, :):):) oh and BTW "I'm not fat I'm bigboned".. :)mother to 
Kyle,15(D) and Ryan,6(ADHD non-medicated), now that's a challenge, :P
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