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Re: [IP] preventable? YES

In a message dated 8/18/02 6:36:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> The question is not IF you are going to develop complications...it is 
> WHEN...every time a blood sugar goes over what ever that magic number (and 
> each person's is different), some damage is done...you might not even KNOW 
> that your bg snuck over 140 for an hour yesterday...and during that hour 
> some 
> sticky proteins did their evil deeds....sure, maybe not til you are 85, and 
> by then who cares, right

Recent research shows that glycoslation does not occur in an hour or two or 
I don't think that is a true statement "every time a blood sugar goes over 
what eve that magic number is, some damage is done."  If you can support that 
statement, please let me know some references.

With some pretty advanced technology, researchers are now able to study the 
"kinetics of glycoslation" and they can actually watch the process of 
"glucose" sticking to hemoglobin.  It does not happen so quickly and it can 
be reversed.

I cannot find my hard copy of the articles at the moment.  You may be able to 
get the actual references on the LC-D diabetes site archives.

I definitely am one for "tight" control, but I don't think it is necessary to 
frighten people or fret about every high number; I don't think it is an 
accurate conceptualization of the process of glycoslation of hemoglobin that 
causes diabetic damage.

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