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Re: [IP] RE: Dream On

I think you have to crawl before you walk.  Wouldn't you agree?

This whole thread has reminded me a lot of a book I just read about Smallpox 
- I think the name of the book was just Smallpox.  From epidemic to 
erradication the route was filled with good luck and twists and turns.  It 
was lucky that someone noticed that milkmaids were immune to 
smallpox.....they had contracted cowpox and that made them immune.  Someone 
started trying variolation which was basically scratching pus from smallpox 
across the arm.  Sometimes it resulted in a mild case and made them immune 
and sometimes it killed the person when they came down with a full blown 
case.  But in the end, there was success and unless there is a deliberate 
outbreak of Smallpox, this disease is non-existent.  I am rambling here, but 
I believe progress is constantly being made.  If a vaccine for Smallpox could 
be figured out without computers and the technology we have now, then we 
should have guarded hope for advances to come.
mom to Nicole (3) dxd 10/2001
Kelly (7), Blake (5), Luke (1.5)
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