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[IP] preventable?

jayne writes

> people pat themselves on the back for not having complications

I agree, I also feel "lucky" that I don't have more complications than I 
do....While there is something valid to be said for diligent, careful control 
and excellent management training from day 1, (instead of YEAR 18 as in my 
case), the stronger variable is GENETIC.  You either got got genes that are 
less susceptible to them sticky proteins, or you don't!  I know people with 
diabetes over 30 years with no problems - never had an A1c over 6.5 etc, etc, 
 NOT cuz they are any "better" or "smarter" than me (ha)  They are just 
luckier, and had better parents (iin the GENE department anyway...)  Then, 
there are the plenty of under 10 year diabetics with kidney problems and 

The question is not IF you are going to develop complications...it is 
WHEN...every time a blood sugar goes over what ever that magic number (and 
each person's is different), some damage is done...you might not even KNOW 
that your bg snuck over 140 for an hour yesterday...and during that hour some 
sticky proteins did their evil deeds....sure, maybe not til you are 85, and 
by then who cares, right!?  you have  lived a good clean life, you are 
CERTAINLY allowed to have a few complications then, right??  Do you really 
want to live the next 20, 30, 40 years WONDERING if you are 3 points over 140 
or wouldnt it be a nicer life if you were slightly easier on yourself and 
didn't put so much pressure on yourself?

It is so depressing to read about people who take ecellent care of themselves 
from day one, and then they are sticken with gastro or retinopathy out of the 
blue....I can understand, and accept, what had led to my eye/kidney problems, 
and know that, IN PART, it is my own fault, though I also blame my bad genes, 
and my HORRIBLE training as a child in the 70s....but hindsight is 
20/20...well 20/40 in my case, but you know what I mean.  I am can not sit 
here and beat myself up that I ate all those candy bars and drank all that 
beer (I think I did...) cuz LOOK WHERE IT HAS LEFT ME...rather I prefer to 
think, OH WELL...live and learn...at least now when i eat a candy bar I can 
control the resulting blood sugar rise...and i don't drink beer 
anymore...skyy vodka and cranberry is MUCH easier to bolus for.....and the 
headache is incredibly worse...

Jayne wrote:
> really don't look forward to the day that the opthalmologist 
> tells me there's a problem 

he should not have to tell you that...a good opthamologist is going to see 
signs of CHANGES before he sees a problem.  In fact, I recommend A RETINA 
SPECIAILIST, not a "mere" opthamologist.  If he can address the CHANGES 
before they turn into problems then you have less to worry about!  When he 
starts seeing neo-vascularization (new blood vessel growth), he may laser 
you, or tell you to be a little more diligent in your management....I know 
lots of diabetics who were lasered YEARS and YEARS ago and who have not had 
any problems SINCE...

same with the kidneys...hopefully everyone on this list is already on an ace 
inhibitor, and if not, they have a damn good reason why not.  All the studies 
and evidence point towards us taking them as early as possible to PREVENT 
damage from happening!!

jayne writes:
> then I've got a complication that, theoretically, I COULD HAVE 

Jayne, baby, it has only been 9 years...cut yourself some slack for the next 
50 odd years or so!  You have to trust that you ARE doing all you can, and if 
a problem presents it self, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!  and even if it is due to 
lax control, you still can not live the rest of your life beating yourself up 
over what you SHOULD have done!  woulda coulda shoulda...as yoda so 
succinctly says, Do or Do Not, There is No Try...We all DO the best we 
can....we donb't TRY to take care of ourselves...we DO take care of ourselves 
(and some of "us" should not be left with small children.....) but we DO what 
we can...Some things are beyond even the best of us...even Wayne!!

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