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several people have written me off list regarding my pessimitic attitude 
towards the closed loop system.  To those who have supported me, thank you; 
to those who have yelled at me, go right ahead - you are as entitled to your 
opinion about my opinion as I am to my opinion of my opinion, and my opinion 
of what the medical community has in store for us...

For the record, there was NEVER any arguing going on...It takes two to argue 
and I have merely defended my opinion, just as I would defend YOUR right to 
your opinion (no matter how wrong it was).  It is one of our constitutional 
rights to be able to express our opinions without fear!

I joined IP when there were less than 200 members - and trust me, this is not 
the first, nor the last time, i have voiced and defended my opinion.  I write 
with a smart ass, dry, sarcastic tone towards LIFE, towards diabetes, with a 
special bent towards stupid people, media diversionary tactics, meter 
accuracy injustices and most particularly, so-called medical professionals.  
I have often written that if you have found me offensive in the past, then do 
yourself a favor adn skip my posts, as I tend NOT to sit on the fence about a 
subject.  If you have been on IP less than a year, then you don't KNOW me.  
The things I submit are almost always submitted in a humourous vein adn 
intended to make you smile or groan, or at least think, about some supposed 
accepted convention..I am not a doctor (thank GOD, huh?) and I never "tell" 
people what to do or how to do it - I make suggestions and submit my 
experience...heck I usually don't even feel it necessary to write YMMV, 
because I don't think I should have to "child-proof" my words and 
opinions...If I did, i would move to Russia!!

Confrontation is part of life, and being able to state one's opinion is part 
of being American, if you believe what the Constitution says, and aren't we 
off over seas right this very minute defending our rights?  (surely we aren't 
just over there defending our petroleum right....oops, sorry wrong list)

Lastly, I am not depressed and sad about my diabetes...Believe it or not, 
there are more important things to worry about sometimes...and this year has 
SUCKED, for me in particular, but you all as well I am sure.  I hardly think, 
however, that I am the only person frustrated by diabetes.  If you aren't, 
then you either haven't had it long enough, or you haven't had as much FUN 
experimenting as I have...either way, diabetes = frustration most of the 

Sometimes IP is the best, and only, place to have a gripe session...We are 
supposedly all in this together....or perhaps Michael ought to start a "bitch 
and moan" list.  shoot, heck he has one for the spiritual people, one for 
parents, one for kids, one for medical professionals, one for the brits.. 
etc...why not one just for people who want to bitch and moan and gripe and 
vent...oh wait, that is what THIS list is for...my mistake....

now everyone go bake a cake and send me a piece....:-)  NEXT TOPIC 

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