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Re: [IP] Feeling Sorry For Yourself

I was just diagnosed November of 2000 ...I am 26 now then i just turned 
25 ...finding out i was a diabetic was the hardest thing i have ever had 
to face...Plus the fact that i had a horrible doctor with no feelings 
that told me i should be able to deal with being a diabetic after only 
being diagnosed for two months...I did not go out for almost 9 months 
after diagnosis ...the only place i went was to work and home...i didnt 
hangout with friends or my boyfriend ...i just ate dinner and went into 
my room for hours crying and did not come out till i had to take my 10pm 
shot...I was in a major depression...i thought about just not taking 
insulin actually sometimes i didnt take it ...i would just tell my 
family that i would rather die then have to deal with having to deal 
with being a diabetic...i told them that i was nothing but a human pin 
cushion and that it wasnt worth it....and when my doctor told me i 
needed to see a shrink that actually made me even worse because on top 
of being sick i thought i was a freak too...i thought there was 
something wrong with me because i wasnt able to deal with it right away 
like he told me i should have....i was in a downward cycle and wasnt 
coming out of it....noone could tell me anything about it...i guess i 
had to just face it on my own and come to terms with it...I have only 
had it a little under 2 years ...so im sure that i dont know alot 
still...but i turned my life around one day and said it wasnt worth me 
being miserable over....that i can have worse things than this....and 
just like that one day it snapped in my head...and i was feeling better 
and better about it everyday...Sure some days i feel depressed about it, 
but i just pick myself up and do something else like take my mom to the 
store or get a pedicure or something or even go shopping ahhaha that is 
the best picker upper ....i dont ever want to go back to where i was a 
year ago, i feel now that i wasted 9 months of my life not doing 
anything but being depressed....its not my personality!!! I have 
actually helped people online that i have met from message boards that i 
have helped out just from email and instant messanger so if anyone is 
ever feeling down you can message me at ginacaps that is my AIM< name

Rosalie Barsky wrote:

>Anyone with a chronic disease such as diabetes, needs to deal with the
>depression than can and usually does come up periodically.  It is a fact of
>life when dealing with this.  The other response would be denial.  As a
>psychotherapist and a person with 38 years of diabetes, I know this personally
>and professionally.  One of the greatest gaps in treatment for D is the lack
>of psychological services which need to be part of the treatment.  If you have
>this disease and have had it for a while, you know what I mean.  If you don't
>know what I mean, then you might want to consider that there may be some
>denial going on.  There was for me as an adolescent and young adult.  It's
>healthy to acknowledge feelings, no matter what they are and it is OK to feel
>sorry for yourself sometimes...the danger lies in overdoing and then it's time
>for some help.  Just my professional and personal opinion.
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