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Re: [IP] Feeling sorry for yourself

Roger Wendell wrote:
>The next time anyone starts feeling sorry for themselves for having the 
>D", just stop and think a minute.  What other disease could you have where
>with a little education, and a fantastic little device (the Pump) you can
>actually control the disease rather than the other way around?

What I would love would be to be able to trade my diabetes in for a disease 
that causes me equal hardship but for which I wouldn't have to blame 
myself...  I have seen countless times on this list and elsewhere posts in 
which people pat themselves on the back for not having complications (ie, in 
profiles "I'm proud to say I have no complications...").  I don't feel that 
way - I feel *lucky* that I don't have any yet (although it's only been 9 
years for me, I'd be pretty unlucky if I had them at this point).  I work my 
butt of to be in the best control possible, and, yes, I feel proud of myself 
when that work seems to be paying off in the form of good A1Cs.  BUT I 
really don't look forward to the day that the opthalmologist tells me 
there's a problem or my endo finds protein in my urine and then I've got a 
complication that, theoretically, I COULD HAVE PREVENTED!  Yikes!  And no 
matter how much I know that I can only do what I can do and its not my 
*fault*, yada, yada... there is this attitude out there that I can control 
my diabetes that I already find very oppressive.  In fact I think I would 
trade this controllable disease for one that I couldn't control with, say, a 
10% worse outcome just so I wouldn't have to end up hating myself for it.

  If you take
>the time to learn about insulin/carb ratios, how a particular exercise 
>you and your glucose levels, etc, you can actually minimize the adverse
>effects of Diabetes within your body.

BTW, I have spent a HUGE amount of time doing this.  I might be minimizing, 
but I don't really know by how much and I certainly can't guarantee 
anything.  Meanwhile, much of my life and my personality are about my 
diabetes.  I sure wonder what kind of person I'd be without it...


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