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Re: [IP] closed loop system!

>Jan, you've just figured out one of the major problems that the algorithm 
>that cannot ever (I didn't say never) be perfected with subcutaneous 
>insulin. With a normal pancreas, if your bg drops, you stop secreting 
>insulin into the blood. Immediately. With insulin under the skin, you can 
>stop the pump immediately, but what you got 1-3 h ago is still coming in 
>for the new 1- 3 h. So, yes, either from your pre-exercise basal or bolus, 
>if you start to exercise hard, you will surely go low, perhaps very low. 
>Not a workable system, and no way to fix it other than IV or IP insulin. 

Yes, wayne, I think that's very true.  I do believe that all the pump 
companies working on the closed loop system are also working on a different 
delivery system than the subcutaneous delivery that we're using 
now.  Disetronic has the Diaport, which is currently being used by some 
individuals who can't seem to get the subcutaneous delivery to work.  From 
what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, George, the Diaport goes 
directly into a vein near the liver.  I would think that none of the closed 
loop systems would even try to do it with the current infusion system we 
use with our pumps now.

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