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[IP] Need Advise

Hi folks,
I recently joined this group when I applied for the pump.  I've had DM for 28
years and was told that I was IDDM.  Two years ago prior to colon Ca surgery I
had my first C-Peptide done and the results were 1.1 putting me in the T2
category.  I don't mind frequent testing and close BS scrutiny.  I also don't
want to take oral medications.

Medtronic informed me that Medicare would not pay if the C-Peptide was more
than .5 plus 10%.  My secondary insurance Horizon BC/BS traditional will pay
80%, but I can't afford the remaining 20%.  I have reached my deductible so
was expecting the insurance to pick up the whole tab.   Anyone had this

I'm 68, practice MDI and have 6.1 - 6.4 A1C's which also puts me in the
"refusal" pile.  I work hard for these numbers and am rarely over 200 BS.  I'm
battling "failure to heal" (possible allergy to the titanium staples) at the
anastamosis site, although after 8 colonoscopies, scraping and cauterization
of the site I see a light at the end of this tunnel (only one area left) and
am hoping for complete healing after I finish another 21 days of treatment.
I'm also happy to report NED at this time.  I have cataracts and retinopathy
in both eyes plus had glaucoma surgery last summer.  My vision in both eyes is
greatly limited.  I have neuropathy in my lower extremities and hands plus I
successfully battled gangrene in my toe a few years ago.

My present dilemma is that I've gained 30 pounds in the last two years from
lack of exercise and have developed big time IR.  I wake about 3:30 AM to take
insulin in order for me to start the day properly.  Four Doctors agree that
the pump would be beneficial, though on paper I look like I'm in good control.
I KNOW it could be better.  My primary doctor is still working on it for me.

I know, I sound like a wreck and sometimes feel like one <GRIN>, but my
attitude is positive and I really think I would benefit greatly from pumping.
My reason for writing the group is to ask if anyone else has had negative
response from an insurance and pump company.

The Paradigm looked good to me, but maybe the 508 would be better because I
use a lot of insulin.  (R, H & L)

Does anyone have advise for me?
What do I do next?

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