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[IP] Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Anyone with a chronic disease such as diabetes, needs to deal with the
depression than can and usually does come up periodically.  It is a fact of
life when dealing with this.  The other response would be denial.  As a
psychotherapist and a person with 38 years of diabetes, I know this personally
and professionally.  One of the greatest gaps in treatment for D is the lack
of psychological services which need to be part of the treatment.  If you have
this disease and have had it for a while, you know what I mean.  If you don't
know what I mean, then you might want to consider that there may be some
denial going on.  There was for me as an adolescent and young adult.  It's
healthy to acknowledge feelings, no matter what they are and it is OK to feel
sorry for yourself sometimes...the danger lies in overdoing and then it's time
for some help.  Just my professional and personal opinion.
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