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[IP] Re: other diseases / DM

> From: Linda Weed
> She has an ileostomy.  She
> said she would MUCH rather have her disease than mine!
>  I also have a friend with Sjogren's Syndrome.  Again,
> she would much rather have hers than mine.  On the
> contrary, I wouldn't want either one of these diseases
> - - give me my diabetes any day!
>   I can't say that I fully understand why this is so -
> has anyone else noticed this?

I believe it's because we *accept* what is familiar to us. I have a nice
poem (long) called The Trouble Pile about an old man burdened with his
troubles, placed in a sack on his back. He was on the way to trade them for
smaller ones. He came across a crippled lad who wants to go, too. The old
man can't carry him and goes on alone. On the way back the old man is
walking much lighter and straighter, but with the same bag. The lad asks if
he traded? No, he saw all the others' troubles and kept his own. (~_^)

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