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Re: [IP] closed loop system!

Jan, you've just figured out one of the major problems that the 
algorithm that cannot ever (I didn't say never) be perfected with 
subcutaneous insulin.  With a normal pancreas, if your bg drops, you 
stop secreting insulin into the blood.  Immediately.  With insulin 
under the skin, you can stop the pump immediately, but what you got 
1-3 h ago is still coming in for the new 1- 3 h.  So, yes, either 
from your pre-exercise basal or bolus, if you start to exercise hard, 
you will surely go low, perhaps very low.  Not a workable system, and 
no way to fix it other than IV or IP insulin.

  <<<<<   My question about a closed loop system, is what happens when 
your blood
sugar is in the normal range due to the closed loop system, and then you
exercise, what will prevent you from going low?
     Jan G.>>>>>>>>
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