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[IP] Re: Feeling sorry for myself

At 01:03 PM 8/18/02, Laura wrote:
>I think it's matter of what you learn to deal with.  I remember when I
>was first diagnosed, the nurse told me I'd have to test my blood sugar
>4x a day.  EVERY day!!   Then she told me about the shots and said (I
>guess to cheer me up?), "but you only have to take those twice a day".
>Uhhh....to someone who's never in her life given herself a shot, twice a
>day is not "only"!!

When I was a child, every time I had to go to the doctor to get a 
vaccination or any other shot, I would turn white as a ghost and quickly 
pass out on the table.  hehe  Luckily for me, by the time I was diagnosed 
at 11, I was pretty much over my shot phobia.

>Well.....now I test my bg more like 8-10x a day, and don't mind it at
>all.  Actually, I *like* testing because I like knowing where my bg's
>at!  Before my pump, shots were at times a minor inconvenience, but
>that's it.  But I remember how brutal it sounded to "prick myself" a
>total of 6x a day back when I was newly diagnosed and knew next to
>nothing about diabetes.

The mechanics of diabetes, testing bgs and taking shots or using the pump, 
don't really bother me.  The part I have trouble with is trying to balance 
daily living and all those other wonderful things that affect bgs -- 
stress, hormones, activity.  I guess what I'm trying to say it's trying to 
have a "normal" life with the disease which is the hardest.

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