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Re: [IP] Islet Cells

It's true that one part of the puzzle in finding a cure for type 1 diabetes
lies in determining how to modify the immune system to not attack it's own
tissue.  If we could do this we could prevent the onset of diabetes, but
then we still have the problem of replacing glucose-responsive, insulin
producing cells in those who have already developed diabetes and this is
where developing new sources for islet cells comes in.  And many researchers
believe that stem cells (I think adult as well as embryonic and fetal) have
a natural protection that would help to keep them safe from the auto-immune


> <<<<<<<<I need to comment about this article from The Globe.  It
> talks about the beta
> cells, or islet cells and how to 'grow' new ones or figure out how they
> on and off....something like that.  Anyway, is that really the key to
> diabetes?  I mean, my understanding is that this is an auto-immune system
> where the body's own immune system has arbitrarily decided to attack its
> islett cells thus shutting them down and thus the need for external
> of insulin.  Well, wouldn't the key factor for this be then to figure out
> the body chose the islett cells to attack, and how to stop the immune
> from attacking its own body parts.  It would not matter whose cells were
> your body (ie; cell transplant or cloned cells) if the autoimmune system
> whacked out then those cells are not any safer than the ones you were born
> with, right????  Or am I missing something.  I think the key is figuring
> the immune system and how to stop it from attacking ANY cells!!!!
> Sylvia>>>>>>>
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