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[IP] bubbles in tubing

My daughter has 2 bubbles in the midpoint of the tubing (quikset).  They are 
about 1/4 inch apart.  Is there anyway to compensate for them, get them out-- 
whatever--to  avoid a set change--just did that this morning and trying to 
avoid it so soon.  I remember something  about using cold insulin that makes 
more bubbles that I saw someone comment on recently, I think.  Does it harm 
the insulin to let it come to room temp. each time before putting it in the 
reservoir, and then put it back in the frig.?  Will this cause it to lose 
some potency? any general suggestions for avoiding this problem again would 
be greatly appreciated.  Please answer quickly-before those bubbles get to 
the site! Thanks!
 Sherry, mom to Liz,  age 13 yrs., dx 3/01, pumping MM508, 5/02
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