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Re: [IP] Coping with the hand we're dealt.

In a message dated 8/18/02 1:03:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I suppose the same is true of most other diseases.  You can't imagine
> dealing with it until you have to ... and then you just do.

When I was dx'd with breast cancer in December 1997, I felt fortunate to have 
already "discovered" the Internet...I applied the same "skills" that had 
served me so well with Melissa's diabetes to educating & empowering myself in 
that new journey too...I made wonderful friends in cyber space who were as 
willing & eager to help me as were my diabetes-connection friends....Friends 
marveled at "how well I was handling things"..DUH, did I miss the multiple 
choice answer of "no thanks, I'll skip the surgery, chemo, radiation, hair 
loss etc"????.....I did what needed to be done, BUT what I did tell everyone 
was that G-d willing, MY journey would be finite & that knowing that my hair 
would fall out on day 19 of the first round of chemo, that my chemo would end 
on April 9, 1998, that my 5 years of Tamoxifen would end on May 1, 2003, etc 
was far easier to deal with than my daughter's 24/7 life in Diabetes-Land 
where nothing is "given" & even doing the same thing day after day doesn't 
guarantee the same results....Not to mention that for the 6 months I was in 
treatment, Melissa's usual A1Cs in the low 7s, soared to 8.8 and 8.9, 
substantiating the "stress" effect on bgs.
    Lastly, my mom had a goofy friend who, in retrospect, was far wiser than 
we realized. She always said "my cut finger hurts ME far more than your 
gaping hole in the head" hurts YOU......
Renee (pump mom to 19 yr old Melissa/pumping since March 1996)
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