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Re: [IP] closed loop system!

>My question about a closed loop system, is what happens when your blood 
>sugar is in the normal range due to the closed loop system, and then you 
>exercise, what will prevent you from going low? Jan G.

Yes, this is what I wonder too.  For me, even with the pump, unless I carb 
up to be higher before exercise, if I'm in a "normal" range before I start, 
even if I turn off my pump or disconnect totally, I will still most likely 
go low before I'm done exercising.  I imagine in a "normal" person, their 
livers would take care of that problem, true?  So, if a person with 
diabetes doesn't have a liver that easily makes glycagon, would they still 
have a problem with exercise and going low with the closed loop system?

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