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Re: [IP]weight, etc (long)

At 12:20 AM 8/18/02, you wrote:
>Roselea, I'm sorry if you felt offended by my comment.  It wasn't
>meant that way at all.  I was just trying to emphasize the fact that
>even though everyone is different, there is still a simple net effect
>of what we eat.

I am not offended in any way, Wayne.  And, I still believe that your "just 
eat less" philosophy is a bit too simplistic.

>I know that some people can eat a ton and never
>gain weight and others eat little and gain a lot.

My husband, who is 6'3 and weighs about 190 lbs. can eat and, if I watch 
him eat, I gain the weight for him.  ;o)

>The problem is
>probably worse in normals, since we pumpers can control the amount of

Sometimes we can control the amount of insulin.  By that I mean, sometimes 
no matter how good we think we have it figured out, this disease can throw 
a wrench into the whole process and screw it up all over again.  I do have 
a problem with exercising, not that I don't do it, I do, but I have a 
problem with controlling the insulin while I exercise.  Back on MDI (and 
demon NPH), I used to take regular cokes, not water, with me when I 
bicycled.  If I didn't drink 2 or 3 of them on the ride, I would have never 
made it back home.  This defeated the purpose of exercising to lose weight, 
n'est pas?  While with the pump, it is much easier to control the insulin 
during exercise, it's not foolproof and I still sometimes need some fast 
acting carbs to make it through, although not as many as I did with 
injected insulin.  Which was my point for the vacation email that started 
this whole thing.  While on vacation, we were much more active than usual 
(which is usually the case for most of us).  I started out the first 2 days 
not being able to get my bg over 60 while I tried to figure where to set my 
basals and boluses so I didn't have to constantly carb up to keep from 
getting too low.  I am very insulin sensitive and any change in my "normal" 
routine usually sends me crashing very easily.

>  And as sara quite rightly points out, in the old days when
>we took the same amount of insulin each day, we would end up peeing
>out all the sugar.

No, I just carbed up constantly to keep from going low when I exercised.  I 
think that was part of the main reason for my weight gain while on 
injections.  I lost 25 pounds the first year on the pump without changing 
my daily routine, just by having better control of the insulin.

>   So at the risk of being again misunderstood, let
>me try to restate the point.


Yes, I understand the physiology of how food works.  I also understand how 
insulin works.  But, trying to manually get all this working together 
efficiently is the difficult part.  Which is where I disagree with your 
statement that we have an easier time controlling the insulin than do 
"normals".  Their bodies automatically know how much or how little insulin 
to put out.

>    I hope this lengthy missive helps clarify where I was coming from.
>I don't know you personally, but as a pumper, I know you're probably
>almost as smart as sara  *S*

I'm not sure any of us are as smart as Sara (love you girlfriend),  *S*  We 
don't always agree on technique but then since diabetes is such a YMMV 
disease and we are all different, we can accept our differences and just 
say, "wow, that's different for me", and accept it.  I've met Sara in 
person and she's truly a wonderful person (oh, oh, don't get mad I said 
that Sara).  ;o)

>Also, I recall something you said in a post a while back, that when
>you turned 50, you immediately put on a a few pounds.  When I read
>that, all I could think of was what a fantastic party that must have
>been *S*  Sorry to have missed it.

It was a great party, Wayne, in fact I did have some pumpers here from IP 
help me to celebrate.  I think what has happened for me at 50 is the 
dreaded Menopause, which has again thrown a wrench into the whole 
kibosh.  There are still many more issues with weight, especially for 
women, which is why I believe your "eat less and lose weight" philosophy is 
a bit simplistic.  Yes, I agree 100% with you, that if a person is 
overweight and they eat super-sized this and that, they will most likely 
will lose weight if they cut down on food.  But there are many more issues 
that affect weight than just what we eat.  Interesting note in point, I did 
join Weight Watchers while still on injections (that was my last ditch 
attempt on losing weight before going on the pump) and I gained weight with 
their point system diet.  So, even WW's diet didn't work for me, but then I 
was also fighting the limited control I had of insulin at that time too.

>- -wayne
>P.S. I've been living with a high school freshman and a senior this
>past year, so if you don't believe anything I've said, rest assured
>you won't hurt my feelings.  And these lovely daughters have also
>trained my immune system (that used to only bother my beta cells) to
>easily deal with flames :-)

Sounds like a pretty rough time Wayne, I only had one daughter in high 
school once upon a time.  Don't worry, they eventually get to an age where 
they begin to think you weren't so dumb after all (it usually happens after 
20 when they get out on their own and try to support themselves).  ;o)

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