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[IP] Pancreatic Dreams

I liked the < An artificial pancreas has long been considered the Holy 
Grail>.  It HAS, but not by true believers, eh?  Once again there's a media 
campaign to give the public, rather than pumpers, what they think we want 
and need.  Most people I know are still dwelling on 'how awful it is to need 
insulin - shots or injections'.  Fear of 'the needle' is their major 
complaint about diabetes.  They haven't a clue how hard it is just to 'be 
normal' and have no idea how insulin sensitivity can damage the brain 
-(lol!)  just look at us - we're not normal. I mean YOU might be, but I know 
Wayne and Fran aren't.  <g>  I am convinced my Type I diabetes is going 
bye-bye -- I just don't know when.  I do hope it's before fast food is 
removed from the market as being addictive.

D in Arkansas

PS Sara, how're your eyes?  Tell them I said hello.

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