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Re: [IP] Re: Bev-Lee's lucky!

I agree! I have the opposite problem from yours though.
I'm only 5'2" but have a large frame (based on my 6"
wrist measurement). I tend to look skeletal and gaunt
at 125 lbs, so much so that one of my sisters once
accused  me of being anorexic because I was "too thin"
(she was very surprised when I said I weighed 125 lbs).
A friend of mine did the same thing and I weighed 135
lbs (ditto on her reaction)!!! Both of these people are
not much larger than myself, btw. I guess we just carry
the weight differently (due to our different bone

Deirdre said:
I understand where Beverly is coming from, I am 5' 8'
and 115 lbs. and so small boned that I would look
chubby at 130 lbs.  I eat a ton and exercise for fun.
It is amazing how much difference bone structure
makes.  Just my 2 cents
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