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[IP] Re" Wearing my pump in my bra/Feeling sorry for myself

> I also have a friend with Sjogren's Syndrome.  Again,
> she would much rather have hers than mine.  On the
> contrary, I wouldn't want either one of these diseases
> - give me my diabetes any day!
>   I can't say that I fully understand why this is so -
> has anyone else noticed this?

I think it's matter of what you learn to deal with.  I remember when I
was first diagnosed, the nurse told me I'd have to test my blood sugar
4x a day.  EVERY day!!   Then she told me about the shots and said (I
guess to cheer me up?), "but you only have to take those twice a day".
Uhhh....to someone who's never in her life given herself a shot, twice a
day is not "only"!!

Well.....now I test my bg more like 8-10x a day, and don't mind it at
all.  Actually, I *like* testing because I like knowing where my bg's
at!  Before my pump, shots were at times a minor inconvenience, but
that's it.  But I remember how brutal it sounded to "prick myself" a
total of 6x a day back when I was newly diagnosed and knew next to
nothing about diabetes.

One of my friends is hypoglycemic and has described incidents that sound
like bad low bg's.  I've suggested that she might want to get a meter
and check her bg when that happens (although it's less of a problem for
her now that she's changed her diet), but she said something like
"things would have to really get bad" before she could bring herself to
do that.  I guess BG testing is so routine to all of us, it's easy to
forget how it sounds to someone who's never had to do it.

I suppose the same is true of most other diseases.  You can't imagine
dealing with it until you have to ... and then you just do.

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