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[IP] Wearing my pump in my bra/Feeling sorry for myself


When I got my first pump (I don't remember what year
it was, but I think it was 1987), I wore my pump in
pockets.  I made sure all of my dresses had pockets,
and I would pull out a few stitches from inside the
pocket and  feed the line through the pocket from the

Later, I got tired of that routine, and I started
wearing my pump in my bra.  I do this 24 hours a day,
except for when I'm in the shower.  I have some
stretchy light-weight bras I wear under my nightgowns.

I place the pump in a little sock thing made by
Ultimate Pump Accessories, then put it under my arm
inside my bra.  I never use the velcro thing that
comes with the sock thing.  This is very comfortable
for me.  It doesn't show unless the pump makes its way
away from under my arm toward my bra cup - then it
makes me look very unbalanced!

I can't imagine wearing my pump anywhere else.  This
works great for me.

On another subject - feeling sorry for myself!  I do
have days when I feel sorry for myself, but not often,
honestly.  I have had this disease for 38 years, and
still have no complications, for which I am VERY
GRATEFUL!  One thing I find very interesting is that
we get relatively comfortable with the disease we've
been given.  I have a friend who has had familial
polyposis for many years.  She has an ileostomy.  She
said she would MUCH rather have her disease than mine!
 I also have a friend with Sjogren's Syndrome.  Again,
she would much rather have hers than mine.  On the
contrary, I wouldn't want either one of these diseases
- give me my diabetes any day!

  I can't say that I fully understand why this is so -
has anyone else noticed this?

  I'm very thankful for this group.  I've been reading
more of the emails lately and I really have gotten a
lot from it.

  Oh, one more thing, on the subject of what I would
do differently if I didn't have diabetes, not sure - I
don't think I would eat any differently since I think
the way I eat is best for my health.  And contrary to
what many people think here, I don't think all carbs
are created equally.  I avoid carbs that have added
fat or dairy products because I just don't think
they're healthy for anyone - diabetic or not.  So that
leaves out most all cakes, candies, ice cream, etc. 
But i must admit it would be wonderful to eat what I
do eat without worrying about how much insulin to
bolus!  That would be HEAVEN!


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