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Re: [IP]weight, etc

Roselea, I'm sorry if you felt offended by my comment.  It wasn't 
meant that way at all.  I was just trying to emphasize the fact that 
even though everyone is different, there is still a simple net effect 
of what we eat.   I know that some people can eat a ton and never 
gain weight and others eat little and gain a lot.  The problem is 
probably worse in normals, since we pumpers can control the amount of 
insulin.  And as sara quite rightly points out, in the old days when 
we took the same amount of insulin each day, we would end up peeing 
out all the sugar.   So at the risk of being again misunderstood, let 
me try to restate the point.
   People eat, and food gets absorbed into the blood as sugar, fatty 
acids and protein.  Humans evolved with fat cells as a means to store 
energy for a rainy day, when there was nothing to eat.  So Fred 
Flintstone could eat a lot when they killed a mammoth and then live 
off the fat for a while.  We still have those mechanisms to use fat. 
Marathon runners do it for most of the race.  Our body needs energy 
for cellular processes and physical activity.  If we eat more than 
the body needs, what happens to the the excess?  Well that's where 
YMMV plays a big role.  The two main effects are increased metabolism 
and storage as body fat.  It's the balance between these that varies 
lots. Some people can just crank up their metabolism and generate 
heat, and then sweat a lot.  Others end up storing more as fat.  The 
only way outside of liposuction or surgery to get rid of the fat is 
the metabolize it.  How can one do that?  Well you could run a 
marathon or you could eat less, like Fred between hunts.  You will 
lose weight, but as you rightly note, when that happens may vary a 
whole lot.  Clearly in the extreme, if one stopped eating and just 
drank water for a week, you'd burn up a lot of fat energy.  This is 
not recommended, but there must be some threshold where one could 
still eat less than what the body needed and also use the energy from 
fat.  It is not too simplistic.  It is factual.  What is not 
simplistic, however, is whether one can comfortably live doing this. 
Also not simplistic are the many physiologic factors that go into 
setting that balance between metabolism and fat storage, like 
hormones, drugs, activity, etc , etc.  And especially our favorite 
hormone: insulin.  There's no question that insulin is involved with 
fat storage, as those on the Atkins diet have repeatedly shown.   And 
because so little is really known about this, it leads to all sorts 
of quack diets and drugs, and herbs, etc to try to get the body to 
burn the fat.  But coming back to the bottom line, the one thing that 
we all have conscious control over is how much food we put into our 
   I hope this lengthy missive helps clarify where I was coming from. 
I don't know you personally, but as a pumper, I know you're probably 
almost as smart as sara  *S*
Also, I recall something you said in a post a while back, that when 
you turned 50, you immediately put on a a few pounds.  When I read 
that, all I could think of was what a fantastic party that must have 
been *S*  Sorry to have missed it.
P.S. I've been living with a high school freshman and a senior this 
past year, so if you don't believe anything I've said, rest assured 
you won't hurt my feelings.  And these lovely daughters have also 
trained my immune system (that used to only bother my beta cells) to 
easily deal with flames :-)

Well, I've been holding my tongue, but since you brought it up again...
there is a such thing as eating too little.  I am scolded over and over by
my doctors for not eating ENOUGH.  As they tell me, eating too little
causes weight gain (believe it or not).  It seems that our bodies do know
when we're getting enough or not and they will go into starvation mode and
try to hold on to as much fat as possible to take us through the "lean
times" they perceive to keep from starving.  So, your "just eat less"
approach is much too simplistic.  But, then, being a man, you're not
familiar with all the problems that women face with the weight loss
issue.  I can give you a list of ALL the foods I ate yesterday, but you
would probably not believe I have eaten so little and still cannot lose
weight.  But then, that's your shortcoming in believing that "one size fits
all" in the struggle for weight loss.  While I do agree, that if a person
is obese from eating super-sized everything, eating less will help them to
lose weight but that may not be the answer for everyone.

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