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Re: [IP] Kevin and his very weird day

My pump educator told me that two hours after you eat  you should never 
bolus...and your number after two hours is always higher...after three 
hours  you will see your number drop...what happend had to be the over 
correction because you seeing the 262 after two hours freaked you out 
but you should have waited three hours to correct always wait three 
hours not two...two h ours only tells you what is happening with the 
food you ate and how the bolus affected it but the numbers dont drop 
yet...you had a case of the overcorrection!!!

Tom Beatson wrote:

>On Fri, 16 Aug 2002 16:30:31 -0400, Robin Ramm wrote:
>*    Reply-To: email @ redacted
>>Tell me this...Kevin ate his usual breakfast of 107 carbs, bolused his usual 8
>>units (started at 95 this am) and for some odd reason at 2 hours out he was
>>262! We checked all the usual reasons out (nothing on fingers, no air in tube,
>>yes, he did bolus...) and did a 1.0 unit correction. 1.5 hours later, he was
>>182 still...so we did another .4. And he ate a sandwich. 2 hours out he was
>>105, so I assumed whatever the problems WAS, he was fixed...but he said he
>>felt sick to his stomach so he thought he was high again. 45 minutes later he
>>checked and I was floored!!! HE WAS 25!!!!!! NEVER has he been that low!
>>WASSUP???? No unusual exercise, NO unusual food.....I don't get it?
>One possibility is that there was an air bubble that was poised at the
>infusion set when Kevin administered the bolus of 8 units. So the bolus
>pushed the air ahead of it and thus there was no evidence of any air bubbles
>1.5 hours later when he looked for them.
>Another possibility is that after doing the 1.0 correction for the 262 at 2
>hours after bolus and then checking after another 1.5 hr (182) and bolusing
>another correction of 0.4, the corrections are starting to pile up. Assuming
>that Kevin uses either Humalog or Novalog, a bolus of either one doesn't
>take effect immediately. It will be about 4 hours before any particular
>bolus is used up. In hindsight, since the BG was dropping, the sandwich
>wasn't the kind of carb that would be most effective against the dropping
>>HE WAS 25!!!!!! NEVER has he been that low!
>Welcome to the club.
>Tom Beatson
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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