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Re: [IP] depressed

OK... as I mentioned in another email, I think this whole thread has gone 
over the edge. I'd like both sides to stop responding to this publicly.


Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators

At 05:27 PM 8/17/2002 email @ redacted wrote:
 >ok baseem if you INSIST on keeping this public flogging of my opinions UP,
 >then I have no problem writing back in public - i cannot believe the admins
 >are allowing you to call people pathetic and ignorant!!!!!!  I have one of
 >them here right now, sleeping on my couch - maybe I should go wake Fran
 >> i just think pessimism is contagious
 >You are perfectly welcome to go on living in your little world with your 
 >towards the future, all happy and content - that is a great way to live and
 >more power to you.  However, when you have had diabetes for LONGER THAN A
 >YEAR, and had your hopes squished MORE than a couple of times, then maybe 
 >will understand my PERSPECTIVE.
 >> he last thing i need is that kind of attitude
 >oh please, like MY "attitude" should have any affect on you!!!!!  get OVER
 >it! I am not telling you you can't have your opinions for christ's sake!!!
 >why don't you go back and re-read some of the things I write - NOTHING is
 >directed at YOU personally..
 >> just wondering sara, do you enjoy life? or are you depressed
 >I am NOT unhappy or morose and, despite being deeply affected by the events
 >of september 11th which occured literally right outside my front door, I am
 >not even very depressed, though as most (yes, MOST) diabetics, probably have
 >the tendancies towards it.  Perhaps I have LESS concern about 5 or 8 years
 >down the road, knowing that it COULD all end in a few seconds - But I think,
 >if anything, that it has been a motivating, positive thing for me!!
 >Pessimism is NOT a symptom of depression. It is a RESULT of life and 
 > Ask any of the people on this list who have met me, and they will tell you.
 >I have been pumping for almost 10 years, have had diabetes for 29 years - 
 >happen to KNOW what i am talking about through experience, trial and error
 >and EDUCATION, and not just through what my doctor or my doctor parents or
 >some article in a newspaper or some paid official of a company who wants to
 >make sure his stock price doesn't crash tells me.
 >now buzz off and leave me alone!  I am NOT fighting you - I am fighting your
 >inability to accept MY point of view.
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