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[IP] Re: Overeating

>I would like to break that cycle.  And, I think if I could just eat a bit
>more, I might, but you know what happens, you eat more and gain a few
>pounds, panic, and there you go again, cutting back so you're starving
>again.  *sigh*  I think it's sad that our society is so caught up in being
>thin that someone such as myself who is 20 pounds above what the "charts"
>say, is made to feel so bad about their weight.  I was thin once.  Calista
>Flockhart thin.  It was right before I was diagnosed.  As soon as I got on
>insulin, the weight came on.  And, that's where I've been ever since.

i was put on one medication 4-5 years back which caused my appetite to go out
of control.  gained 40 pounds in just over 2 months.  haven't been able to get
it off either, which really pisses me off.  being on insulin makes the weight
loss more difficult too.
i think what really got me is that my first endo just assumed that because i
am overweight (not hugely, but overweight) and my sugars were high that it was
just type 2 diabetes, and that if i lost the weight everything would be fine.
uh huh.  i mean, every time i went to this idiot the only medical advice he'd
give me was to lose weight.   if anyone in ottawa wants to know who to avoid,
just ask! :)
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