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[IP] medic alert

>"diabetes  insulin dependant wears insulin pump
>I still think it would be better and more efficient for the EMTs if we just
>tattooed DEFECTIVE across our forehead...
>heh heh

:)   i considered that for a few minutes, than then decided against it.  when
i went in for gall bladder surgery years back i nearly did leave a note on my
stomach saying "take out gall bladder".  i didn't, but that was because i was
going to be quite conscious on the way into the operating room, and i'd have a
chance to remind the operating room staff in person. <g>

to all answering the medic alert bracelet question, thanks!  i was trying to
figure out what i should put on it - assuming the doctor does prescribe me the
pump, don't know why she wouldn't - right now mine only says diabetes
mellitus, and the type of insulin and "organ donor" are in the instructions.
i'll get the new bracelet when i get the pump.

appointment on monday!!!
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