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RE: [IP] new pump!

There will always be people out there that want the newest model of a
product, regardless if it has proven itself or problems haven't had time to
surface. (wasn't there a buyer or two for the Pontiac Aztek?) I have to
admire the way Medtronic got SO many new pumps out on the market, GIVE them
away in exchange for your old 508. But don't forget you have to go to
training and at THAT time you have to make an irrevocable decision to
exchange the 508 for the Paradigm. That was one of the numerous reasons for
my decision to use ANY pump but the Paradigm. (sorry I'm off track)

Giving a company the support to get a new product out on the market is not
my concern, doing my best to get the best product for my daughter's health
and well-being.........is my concern. I will watch a new product, i.e. the
Cosmo, listen to the sales hype, but I want to hear others take and see
unbiased research before I make that leap.

Mike Swaithes
Husband to Pat
Dad to Alicia (9) & Lindsey (Z) 12, dx 5/98

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If no one buys or uses a new product the first time it comes out how will
company or anyone else know if it is going to be a good product or not.
Having it sit on a shelf somewhere waiting for its first birthday or even
fifth, will not prove that it is a good reliable anything!!!!  If a company
wants to know if their product is going to work wouldn't it be nice to have
it out there TRYING to work to see if it will work???!!!  Just confused

mom to Joshua
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