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Re: [IP] Re: Overeating?

Roselea wrote:
>Well, I've been holding my tongue, but since you brought it up again... 
>there is a such thing as eating too little.  I am scolded over and over by 
>my doctors for not eating ENOUGH.  As they tell me, eating too little 
>causes weight gain (believe it or not).  It seems that our bodies do know 
>when we're getting enough or not and they will go into starvation mode and 
>try to hold on to as much fat as possible to take us through the "lean 
>times" they perceive to keep from starving.  So, your "just eat less" 
>approach is much too simplistic.

I just wanted to say that when I read your original post on this subject it 
made me feel a little relieved that I was not the only one.  I've been about 
35 pounds overweight for several years and can't budge it even though I've 
tried just about everything.  Before I got married two years ago, I ate 1200 
calories a day and went running every other day for four months and didn't 
lose a pound!!!  Then I tried low carbing and didn't lose anything (stuck 
with that, though, because my blood sugar responded so nicely).  So, I've 
come to think that I'd be happier just accepting this situation.  But thank 
you for your post, it really did make me feel better...

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