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[IP] Re: Overeating?

Sara wrote:

>this is exactly what my doctor tells me...i eat 12-1500 calories a day 
>(normally...not when I am in Indiana of course) which for my age, and 
>activity level is low enough that i should be dropping a pound a week!!! 
>body doesnt see it that way...it thinks I am starving, so when I DO eat, 
>it packs it away....

I would like to break that cycle.  And, I think if I could just eat a bit 
more, I might, but you know what happens, you eat more and gain a few 
pounds, panic, and there you go again, cutting back so you're starving 
again.  *sigh*  I think it's sad that our society is so caught up in being 
thin that someone such as myself who is 20 pounds above what the "charts" 
say, is made to feel so bad about their weight.  I was thin once.  Calista 
Flockhart thin.  It was right before I was diagnosed.  As soon as I got on 
insulin, the weight came on.  And, that's where I've been ever since.

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