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[IP] overeating

PRL wrote:
> Well, I've been holding my tongue, but since you brought it up again..

heh heh...i had written him a smart ass remark but then got distracted...

Roselea continues:
> . there is a such thing as eating too little.  I am scolded over and over 
> by  my doctors for not eating ENOUGH.  As they tell me, eating too 
> little causes weight gain (believe it or not).  It seems that our bodies 
> do know when we're getting enough or not and they will go into starvation 
> mode and 

this is exactly what my doctor tells me...i eat 12-1500 calories a day 
(normally...not when I am in Indiana of course)
 which for my age, and activity level is low enough that i should be dropping 
a pound a week!!!  body doesnt see it that way...it thinks I am starving, so 
when I DO eat, it packs it away....

I TRY to eat a little more...even went so far as to add in breakfast, but 
after aboutn a month of that, the stupid doctor starts me on TWO empty 
stomach medicines!  I take one when i first get up, and the other, and hour 
later...another hour and it is lunch time!  when am I supposed to eat 

Sorry wayne, but maybe it is a "chick thing"  :-)

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