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[IP] dream on

Call me a pessimist if you like but I am not clinging to some subsidized hope 
that the "artificial pump" is going to be the CURE for diabetes.

I think one of the most important part of that entire reprint of Medtronic's 
carefully worded PUBLICITY ANNOUNCEMENT was the last line:

>Components of the artificial pancreas, including the implantable 
> pump and theimplantable sensor or long-term sensor system
> mentioned in this document are intended for investigational use 
> only and have not been reviewed for safetyand efficacy by the U.S.
> Food and Drug Administration

Basically, don't plan your wedding just yet thinking you will be able to eat 
the cake without reachining into your satin bodice to bolus!!!!

I also like this line:

> An artificial pancreas has long been considered the Holy Grail of 
> diabetes management, yet many people with diabetes and their 
> physicians believe that it is decades away. However,Medtronic 
> MiniMed, the diabetes management business of Medtronic, Inc. 
> (NYSE:MDT), today announced results of research indicating that 
> a medical device mimicking the human pancreas is closer to 
> becoming a reality. 

And they are closer to getting the space prope to track comets too...the 
technology is there...they just can't seem to hang onto the suckers!  This 
technology has been discussed since the 80s - I will have to dig those 
articles out and type them in for you to see that NOT much has changed other 
than the technology....

Then the good doctor says:
> "This type of system is intended to help people who are 
> unable to controltheir diabetes despite intensive insulin therapy."

well HELLO...this is NOT the pump's fault!  Most of the people I know, and I 
have met more than 50 or 60 people just from this list alone, are quite 
capable of controlling their diabetes using intensive insulin therapy.  Are 
you telling me that this IMPLANTED pump, which they have to CUT into you to 
insert, and then stick somethng INTO YOUR HEART, then SEW you back up and 
hook you up to a REMOTE control is going to make life BETTER????  Can you see 
yourself trying to get through security at the airport THEN!!! "honest 
occifer, that is a pump inside of me, not a bomb....no no please don't touch 
that remote control......."  You STILL need a refill every, what 2-3 months?  
how do they get that in?  A big ass syringe? or do you have a port sticking 
out of you?  How is this better?  i just don't see it

What kills me is that the study was PAID for by Medtronic/Minimed...of COURSE 
the results are gonna be positive!!!  Would they release UN positive result?  
They can skew them anyway they want them!  Drug companies do it all the 
time...they have 2 or 3 or more tests of their drug...they can then PICK the 
one that shows their drug in the best light...if 3 of the tests prove the 
drug is no good, but one of them shows some positive affect, THAT is the one 
the drug companies can use.

When and if they get these studies out into the real world, I hope they have 
algorithm (sp) developed that can handle a normal lifestyle...SURE they can 
control blood sugars when someone is sitting in a lab - hell, even I can 
maintain 100-150 if I lay in bed all day, non stressed, eating exact 
premeasured foods and using my calculator to figure out the exact ratio of 
1:17carb that I am....it is when i try to LIVE that i run into problems

oh well...dream on - it is nice to think about - sure it better than 
wondering if a plane is gonna crash into my building today......

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