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Re: [IP] Overeating?

>>> I figured out my calorie intake for yesterday and it was 1004 so, which
half should I cut out? RoseLea>>>

As we know, you should not cut any of that. ;-) I *had* a T-2 friend who was
bound and determined to lose enough weight that she would not have to take
shots anymore. She put herself on a 600-calorie a day diet. They found her
hanging in the basement, syringe drawn but not used. She couldn't take one
more day of it.

The dr. said with that low of an intake the hypothalamus does not work
correctly and messes with the mind. She did not have enough caloric intake.
I agree with you, RL, we sometimes have to accept who we are. Other family
members can also be somewhat of an indication of our structures. YMMV (~_^)

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