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[IP] Overeating?

>I think I speak for many woman ( I can't say man for I don't understand 
>there make up ). But as PRL states woman have a whole lot of more issues 
>to deal with in trying to lose weight and age is a major factor. I sure 
>many can relate to my experience. Prior to my accident I was a good 
>weight, exercised daily, etc. Well since the accident I have gained all 
>sorts of weight and it's not because I was eating too much. It was because 
>I was stuck in bed, I was on all sorts of medications, my body was healing 
>etc. So my advice is maybe one needs to realize there are other reasons a 
>person my be overweight then because they are eating to much! Fran

Thank you Fran.  I also gained a few pounds (3 to be exact) by going on an 
estrogen patch for my menopausal symptoms.  Now, before anyone quotes the 
recent study that was discontinued, I am not on an estrogen/progestin (sp) 
combination.  Estrogen only, and that study is still being 
conducted.  Before the patch I was about ready to commit suicide due to 
lack of sleep from all the hot flashes I suffered all night long.  After a 
month of that I was so depressed from lack of sleep (I was only getting a 
couple hours each night) that I had to find some solution.  The estrogen 
pills caused me to gain even more weight and my doctor felt that perhaps 
the patch would be better since it doesn't have to be processed by the 
liver as the pills do.  I also suffered high bgs every morning (possibly 
from lack of sleep or lack of hormones) that no nightly basal adjusting 
seemed to correct.  I also am a bit more bloated around the abdomen which 
is also a side effect of the estrogen.  And I'm not going to even discuss 
what sex was like (or not like) without the added benefit of the 
estrogen.  So, before we criticize those who can't seem to be as "thin" as 
we are or think they should be, let's have some compassion for they may be 
dealing with a lot more issues that just overeating.  Btw, I figured out my 
calorie intake for yesterday and it was 1004 so, which half should I cut out?

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