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[IP] type 1 got me first?

i have been wondering, is it possible for a type 1 diabetic to acquire the same sort of problems a
type 2 has later in her life? i'm curious because i have an extensive history of type 2 diabetes
in my family (my dad, his brother and sister, and their dad) but happened to get type 1 (no family
history, though there is a history of autoimmune disease) before i had the chance to get type 2.
would some of the problems like insulin resistance, other metabolic weirdnesses, etc. still hit me
in my 40's, like they did my dad? i'm not too worried about it now, i am only 21 years old, in
good shape, and adhere to the healthy diet and everything. but seeing as type 2 diabetes involves
not being able to use insulin as efficiently, isn't that still a possibility for a type 1? my
parents joke that i probably would have ended up with some sort of diabetes sooner or later, and
despite all its attendant frustrations i think i would still rather be a type 1. but has anyone
heard of people having, well, both types at once?

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)  

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